MVP en la APL

APL MVP points system
The Formula
The APL MVP is a cumulative points system that rewards players for every run scored, every wicket taken and every catch held and, how well they do it.
A player achieves bonus points based on certain criteria. An overview of the formula is set out below:
Batting + Bowling + Fielding + Captaincy + Winning = Total MVP points
• The basis of the batting points take into account runs scored, the rate scored at and the % of the team’s total.
Batting bonus points are achieved for:
• Reaching a century
• Achieving a benchmark run-rate
• Scoring over 30% of a team’s runs.
• The basis for the bowling points take into account the number of wickets and economy rates
• Bowlers achieve higher points for getting out higher order batsmen.
Bowling bonus points are achieved for:
• Achieving a benchmark economy rate
• Taking 3 and 5 wickets in an innings
• Bowling maidens.

Points are accumulated for:
• Catches
• Run outs – direct hits
• Run outs – assists
• Stumpings
• Bonus for 5 fielding dismissals in an innings.

A captain of a winning side will receive a point’s bonus.
Winning teams:

All members of a winning team receive a point’s bonus.



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